This post had better be good

Because you can’t really take blogging breaks as long as I have and then return with something stupid. Seriously, after this long, the pressure is really on to make this a good post.

Well, the best thing I’ve got going on right now is my kid, so what’s better than kid stories, right? Everyone loves that stuff.

Anyway, here’s one of the best parts of being a father. This will be old news for anyone that’s already a parent, but if you don’t have kids, you  probably have no idea this is even a thing. I didn’t.

The best part of being a father is seeing the gigantic smile on my daughter’s face the first time she sees me in the morning.

When she wakes up, she quietly hangs out in her crib for a while, but then she starts to fuss a little bit. I open the door to her room and flip on the light. As soon as she hears the door open, she looks right at me, and flashes the biggest grin ever.

Awww! She likes me!

Actually, I’m pretty sure she’d do that no matter who walked in because I’m pretty sure it’s just a thing babies do, but I like to think it’s because she’s just really happy to see me.

It makes me feel like I’m a good father.

4 comments to This post had better be good

  • Alex

    Yeah, that is nice. My youngest used to be upset that I wasn’t mommy, but he’s come around and now is all smiles when I get him in the morning.

  • No. You have to see the look when someone else walks in. She’ll start smiling because she thinks it is you… and then the smile will fade quickly to a stare… sometimes a look of concern. It does my heart good that babies can totally differentiate between people. And sometimes she totally prefers dad. And I’m only a little jealous.

  • Katie

    That’s really sweet. It’s one of my favorite parts of being a parent, too. Next best is when you discover they can do things for you, like “Go put this in the trash,” and “Grab me a pop from the fridge.”

  • I read this post to Evan. He laughed and said you’re funny. My bet is she likes you!