Do you enjoy being a planner?

Huzzah! Another question in the inbox! This one comes from some anonymous creeper, which I will present in part, with my own comments inserted:

Hi Reuben,

We’ve never met, but I saw you at Menards once! haha

What the creeper? You saw me at Menards? I hope I wasn’t doing something embarrassing – like daydreaming that I’m floating in space surrounded by planets and stars in the middle of the light fixture aisle – or recreating that scene from The Little Mermaid with my wife:

Sha la la la la la
Don’t be scared
You got the mood prepared
Go on and kiss the girl

Anyway, hopefully you didn’t see that.

I’m done being creepy now.

Doubt it.

Do you have a degree in Urban Planning?

Yes. Did you already know that? I think you probably did, or else you wouldn’t ask. It’s fine. Small talk. Good stuff.

Should I get my Masters in Urban Planning if at present I have a Bachelors in Chemical Engineering? Where should I get my masters in Urban Planning!?

Well, I wouldn’t recommend getting a MURP degree just because you have a bachelor’s in chemical engineering. But, if you want to be an urban planner, then, yes, I recommend a MURP degree. I expect you’ll find that a chemical engineering undergrad won’t be much of a selling point if you’re submitting applications for planning jobs. As a side note, you know you’ll be taking a major salary cut, right? Engineering is probably a far more lucrative career choice. But, if you’d rather be a planner, then go for it.

I went to the University of Minnesota Humphrey Institute. It was good. I liked many things about it, I didn’t like other things. I’d be happy to tell you more about what I liked and didn’t like sometime if you can come out of your shell and say hello to me next time you see me at Menards (but DO NOT interrupt me while I’m singing).

Do you find your career rewarding? I really appreciate any and all feedback!

Yes, I really enjoy being a planner/engineer. I enjoy playing a role in shaping the physical world around me. I generally find it interesting and satisfying. That doesn’t mean I enjoy every project I work on, but yes, I like it.┬áLet’s talk more. Shoot me an email. Take me out to lunch. I’ll tell you anything you never wanted to know about it.

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5 thoughts on “Do you enjoy being a planner?”

  1. When did you go to Humphrey? I was there from 2003-2006. Yes, it took me an extra year, I’m slow. Were we there at the same time?

  2. My last year! I was so sick of school by then I spent as little time as possible at school. I worked full time, so I was a night student and knew no one. But it does mean I’ve likely seen you before, so there is that.

  3. This post made my day, not because it was all that insightful, and not because I’ve always had a soft spot for Menard’s and that little guy in the sweater vest. What really knocked my socks off was the word “MURP”. Thanks for turning me on to a great new word.

  4. @Mitch – Well, I’m glad I made your day. If there’s one thing I’ve always excelled at it’s being not “all that insightful.”

    I’m sure you’ll find many wonderful ways to use the word MURP.

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