The Death of a Music Lover: A Scientific Exploration

Sharp Decline beginning in 2005 may be attributed to the following:

1. Met future wife in 2005.

2. Began being oldest person at live shows by 2006.

3. Preferred music genre dominated by douchebags and 13 year olds.

4 comments to The Death of a Music Lover: A Scientific Exploration

  • When Alternate Graph B displays a proportionate increase in NPR podcasts, like ours, then we’ll start mocking you in our elitist self deprecating manor. 😀

  • Moe

    That’s pretty hilarious.

  • Greg Hess

    We were at a Super Bowl party and saw Madonnas performance, in which my reaction was “this is what’s wrong with the music industry”. There is so much hype about the performers rather than the artists focusing on what they are supposed to be doing, creating musical art. I listen to a lot of stuff that no one else seems to listen to, but it’s because they write and compose music, rather than sell records. . .but there’s probably only 5 bands I listen to religiously. Then after that, another 10 that I’ll follow.

  • @Kalie – Wait Wait… Don’t Mock me!