Living room layout- tweaks

So after I showed you all what I was working with for living room layouts I got some good feedback – none of the layouts were quite right as drawn, plus I found a fun new toy on the internet to play with. That means I have even MORE options now!

I signed up for an account with Autodesk Homestlyer. It’s free and super easy to start using. You can even use your Google/Facebook/whatever account or sign up for a new one.  No need for any autocad experience to get some pretty cool visualizations of what your room could be. I really like that you can toggle into a 3D view to get a better feel of the room. Plus you can save your designs, take snapshots of them, and even share them… you know, if you’re into that sort of thing. The only downside I can see so far is that there is a somewhat limited selection of furniture, so you sort of have to make due with what they have, but I think they have enough options that you can get close to what you have in mind. Oh- also- it wouldn’t let me drop the tv on top of the fireplace, so it looks like I’m planning on putting the tv IN the fireplace,  but you get the idea, right? They have layout options for other rooms in the house, so I’m sure I’ll be playing around with this as I move on to other rooms!

So here are some options:

Layout 1:


Layout 2:


Layout 3:


Layout 4:


What do you think? Am I getting closer? Which of these options do you like best? Any other cool design/layout tools I should be playing with?


7 comments to Living room layout- tweaks

  • I’m thinking a combination of 1 & 3. The fancy black/brown shelves and no chair by them of #1, the couch arrangement in #3, but instead of the white table of #3, the tv console angled in the corner. Now that I think about it, I wonder if having two single chairs instead of the loveseat will not seem as imposing. So in other words, a completely different layout (#5?). Sorry, this probably doesn’t help any.

  • Tess and I vote for #2 (if you see your living room as a comfy place for everyone to relax. With #3 as a runner up. (I think it is always nice when the TV isn’t the focal point of the room).

    • Thanks for the feedback- sounds like we have a few elements that will work.

      @Ben-I thought about angling the tv in the corner, just wasn’t sure how to place furniture so it wasn’t awkward to watch it… maybe single chairs would be the solution?

      @Kalie and Tess- Yes- we want the living room for people to relax. I think if we do sectional or couch- it will need to be a nice comfy one!

      @Ashley and Reuben – As good as the models are, I think we’ll probably really need to get the furniture in the room and arranged before we’ll really know if it feels like the room is open or blocked.

      @Amy- I’m a fan a symmetry too! I’m struggling with this room because it doesn’t have the symmetry built in (the archway and fireplace don’t allign), so I can’t find a natural symmetrical way to bring all the furniture together.

  • I love Homestyler! I use it all the time.

    My vote would be for either 1 or 2…I feel like it might be inconvenient to have to walk all the way around the couch/chair when coming into the room from the doorway at the top left. Or people could clamber over the arm chairs?

    I hope you get what I mean, haha.

  • Very cool! I like #3. But you should know I’m a big fan of symmetry…

  • I can never decide if I like the idea of subdividing the living room into two separate spaces. On one hand, the living room is quite large… big enough that it ends up functioning almost as two separate spaces anyway. On the other hand, the rooms best feature is that it’s large, and cutting it in half seems like a shame.

  • Holly Weik

    #2, because you don’t want to close off the corner as #3 does.