TISH Certificate of Completion

Huzzah! Our inspector determined that we met the demands of the TISH inspections and gave us the approval we needed. There was a little messing around required trying to get the City of Minneapolis to communicate with the State electrical inspections folks, but once we worked through that, I received the following in my email inbox:

TISH Certificate of Completion

As frustrating as it is to deal with all the red tape from the City sometimes, I generally find all the City employees I speak with to be very helpful and quick to respond to my emails and phone calls.

Well, now that we’ve got the City off our backs, what should we do next? Install a hot tub on the roof?

5 thoughts on “TISH Certificate of Completion”

  1. Hooray! I’ve just started following along on your blog so I don’t know all that you had to do…but it must feel so good to get the seal of approval!

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