Sacrifice a waste

Regular readers will recall that I am trying to collect all entries from PostSecret that explicitly reference Mormonism. You can see all the secrets I’ve collected here.

Sometimes I feel as if all this sacrifice was nothing but a waste.. maybe it's the church I attend, or maybe it's the world i live in... but all i can think is wow....... Jesus must be Pissed!!

I’m not sure if this totally meets the requirements of explicitly referencing Mormonism, but there are a few clues that this secret is referencing Mormonism. The big giveaway, of course, is that the background text on the right half of the postcard is from “Lesson 22: The Atonement of Jesus Christ,” Primary 3: Choose the Right B, (1994),103.

The image is pretty Mormon as well. I don’t know if it’s an exclusively Mormon image (probably one of y’all can tell me). Many Christian faiths appreciate the Garden of Gethsemane scene, but Mormons tend to depict it more (artists of other faiths tend to depict the cross scene more than Mormons).

As for the secret itself, it doesn’t really resonate with me. I can appreciate the idea of pondering how deity feels about our actions, but I admit that I don’t totally understand what the author meant by “maybe it’s the church I attend (assuming s/he was referring to the LDS church).

What do you think?

5 thoughts on “Sacrifice a waste”

  1. I saw this secret and also assumed it was referencing Mormonism. I was confused about what they meant by “maybe it’s the church I attend”. Like the church teaches us to live in a way that most people in this world don’t even come close to? Or people in the church aren’t living the way they are taught is right? I wish they had explained a little further, but I guess that’s why it’s a secret!

  2. @Darcey – I’ve often heard (and assume you have, too) that the LDS emphasis on qualifying for grace through obedience to commandments suggests a less powerful (less necessary?) Jesus than if Jesus saved people even if they didn’t demonstrate obedience (i.e. Mormons do half the saving themselves, so there’s less for Jesus to do later). Maybe that’s what he or she is referring to? I dunno!

  3. I think the phrase “all this sacrifice” also is a clue to LDS context. “Sacrifice” is a word LDS use a lot, that is not so frequently used in other Christian churches.

    I just watched John Dehlin’s talk on why people leave the LDS Church. There’s a piece in there where he talks about how when people learn stuff about Church history that leaves them feeling disillusioned, one of the most frequent reactions is feeling like everything they sacrificed for the Church — tithing, missions, countless hours in church callings, etc., etc. — was one big huge waste. So that’s the first thing I thought when I saw this…

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