Relocating Smoke Detectors

Time for another TISH update. Our re-inspection is in 4 days, so it’s about time to take care of this stuff. You might remember this item from our list:

2. Smoke Detectors/CO Detectors – Improperly located smoke detector in the basement.

So it’s not a problem of having enough smoke detectors, they just didn’t like where the one in the basement was located. Take a look:

Smoke detector is a little too close to the ceiling...

Here’s the smoke detector and CO detector in the basement (along with two abandoned mounting brackets from previous generations of smoke detectors…). The problem here is that it’s mounted on the wall only about 3 inches from the ceiling. This is a problem since apparently when smoke is flowing around in a room, it never really flows up into those corners very well. I guess the house could be filled with smoke and the thing would never go off. So it was an easy enough fix, I just pulled it off the wall and screwed it back in about a foot lower. I also moved the CO detector just to be on the safe side, even though I’m pretty sure it wasn’t necessary:

Relocated smoke detector.

I went ahead and took down the abandoned mounting rings, too, just to clean things up a bit. I didn’t give two licks about patching any of the old holes left behind. It’s not worth it with this awful wood paneling and terrible drop panel ceiling. The basement is gonna be ugly with or without holes.

While I was at it, I also re-installed all the old smoke detectors in all the bedrooms and hallways upstairs that we had removed while painting. They had been sitting in their own little smoke detector graveyard upstairs as well.

Smoke Detector Graveyard
Newly installed smoke and CO detectors.

Ok, well that takes care of 8 of the 9 TISH items. We’re still not totally sure what we’re gonna do about that sump pump cover, but we still have 4 days to figure it out, so hopefully we’ll think of something, right?

1. Sump Pumps – Sump Pump lacks a secure cover.
2. Smoke Detectors/CO Detectors – Improperly located smoke detector in the basement.
3. Electrical Service Installation – Missing house side grounding clamp at water meter.
4. Water Supply Piping – Corrosion noted on water piping in areas.
5. Plumbing Fixtures – No backflow device installed at laundry tub.
6. Plumbing Fixtures – Improper air gap on toilet ballcock.
7. Exterior Pluming Backflow Prevention – missing backflow preventers on exterior faucets.
8. Electric Service Installation – Electric panel located in bathroom.
9. Electrical Outlets/Fixtures – Power mast is loose.

4 thoughts on “Relocating Smoke Detectors”

  1. Nice job! I like the smoke detector graveyard 🙂 and can you believe we’ve got no – count that NO – smoke detectors in the house? We should probably get on that one…

  2. FTR – the smoke detectors must be located 6″ – 12″ down from the ceiling if mounted on a wall; no more, not less. It looks like that old smoke detector is more than 12″ down. Also, I would personally just toss that old smoke detector, as they’re supposed to be replaced at least once every 10 years. It’s not a requirement… just a suggestion.

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