Weekend Renovators

Weekend Renovators

I’m pleased to announce that my wife Melanie and I have started a new online project called Weekend Renovators. It’s a blog written by both of us (hopefully) all about our adventures renovating, modifying, maintaining, cleaning, or just living in, our new (to us) 1939 Tudor home in South Minneapolis. We’re also going to post any sort of DIY-related stuff we’re doing around the house.

Go ahead and take a moment to add the rss feed to your reader. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

We love our new home, we love DIY projects, I we love blogging, and so we hope you’ll like the new blog. I’m a lousy web designer, so I hope you’ll forgive that the site looks like it was made by a not-particularly-bright 5-year-old. Also, the site is at about 60% functionality, but whatever, so is our new house. So let’s just go with it.

I hope you’ll take the time to read through all the posts (or at least look at the pictures), but if that’s too much of a time suck for you (there are 16 posts ready to be devoured by you wonderfully supportive friends), here are a few of the highlights:

2 thoughts on “Weekend Renovators”

  1. I love your new blog. It looks fantastic and I had fun reading through the most recent 10 posts. Can’t wait to keep reading your DIY adventures. Does this mean you won’t be posting about your adventures on ReubensCube?

  2. @Sarah – thanks. I hope you like the new site. I’m sure I’ll still talk about house-related issues here on ReubensCube, but if you want to read project-related posts, you’ll have to keep both feeds in your reader. Don’t worry, it won’t add any extra reading time to your daily schedule. The more I post there, the less I’ll post here, and vice versa.

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