Mount Rushmore

Ok, I admit it. This photo is terrible:

Mount Rushmore

It’s blurry & dark. Mel looks like she’s on meds. I look like I’m surprised someone was taking our picture (even though I was the one holding the camera at arm’s length). And KP isn’t trying to eat the camera, so you can tell she just wasn’t that into it. This post is just to prove that we were there (photoshop can’t fake something like this)!

One our way home from Montana, we drove a few extra hours to see this National Treasure. We didn’t really plan things out very well, so we ended up getting there pretty much at dark. We didn’t know they lit the thing up at night, so we were pretty happy to discover that.

Except it really was bitter cold out, and hanging around outside in the blustery dark with a baby isn’t that great.

It really was cool, though, to see this. I’d never been. As my brother-in-law said, “It’s cooler than you think it will be.”

Lincoln was clearly the standout of the crowd, although KP said she liked Teddy Roosevelt the best, which is bizarre because what the hell did he ever do except make Teddy Bears or something, right?

Well I’m gonna make Reuben Bears and then I’ll be her favorite and someone will have to carve my face up there, too. Take that America!

9 thoughts on “Mount Rushmore”

  1. My wife calls it Mt. Disappointment. I completely disagree with her so I do what I can to slip in the occasional suggestion of a little family vacation to the Black Hills. It’s a guaranteed eye roll from her every time.

  2. We had a family reunion at Mt. Rushmore when I was in HS. My aunt had heard that there was a light show (which she interpreted as laser show) at night. So she and a lot of my cousins went to watch the laser show. When they got back, I got to hear them lament that “all they did was turn on the lights. That’s it! Just lights!” They were quite disappointed.

  3. Ben – ahaha! What they didn’t realize is that South Dakotans get a sick pleasure out of disappointing tourists. Building up the hype around something that’s intrinsically disappointing is one of the few pleasures of being a South Dakotan. See: The Corn Palace.

  4. I think it’s okay that you guys look funny in the picture. I mean seriously, it’s freezing cold outside, you guys had a long drive, it’s now nighttime and you’re all just lucky that they lit the mountain up! 😉

    I am looking forward to seeing mt rushmore too. Now I have some extra inspiration.



  5. @Joey, Ben M, Aliecat – man, no love for MR from you guys. I actually thought it was pretty cool. Granted, it’s still just a giant rock – and it’s a long way to drive to get there, but I still thought it was ok.

  6. I love MR, but the “light show” is pretty disappointing. It’s actually best to go during the day because now you can walk down to the base and look around and see the park’s mountain goats.

  7. Hey, at least the picture proves you were there, right? I remember going there way back when in ’98. I was disappointed because I thought it was going to be MUCH bigger than it was. It was still pretty cool, though.

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