Living Rooms

I just wrote a post, and then deleted it without publishing.

Because it was stupid.

It was about living rooms.

You are welcome.

Just leave a comment about living rooms or something. No matter what you say, make sure it’s about living rooms.

7 comments to Living Rooms

  • We have a living room.

    I had a dream about a living room last night.

  • katie

    I think the different labels that are given to rooms that you sit in are interesting. At my home growing up we had a “front room” and a “family room” no “living room”. As Americans there is a lot of different terms for rooms that used to be called things like “the parlour” or “drawing room”.

  • I’m sitting in my living room right now. You should check out my living room sometime. It’s nothing special at all, but occasionally you’ll find interesting people in my living room. Living room.

  • These are great comments about living rooms.

    I don’t really know what a parlour or drawing room are…

  • katie

    Not knowing the proper term can lead to a lot of embarressment. Check out this clip at the 2:30 mark

    For pure amusement check out the 2:20 mark.

  • marla

    am i the only one dying of curiosity here? i want to know what you were going to say about living rooms. you like them because people live there? or you think the name living room is silly because no one lives in the living room, they just watch tv there and really the room that is used the most for gathering groups of people seems to be the kitchen because that’s where the food is.

  • I moved all the furniture in my living room yesterday in order to plug in one string of Christmas lights. Then I had to put it all back. Today I think I’m going to rearrange all the furniture in my loving room so I can easily unplug the Christmas lights at night when going to bed, and easily plug them in again at dusk, so as not to waste electricity. (Our bill last month was only $19 and we’re trying to break the record again! lol). Oh the things we go through for Christmas.

    btw, I watched that whole youtube video that katie left on here! So funny! loved it! And now I know what a drawing room is, but I’m still unsure of the parlour…

    It tends to be that if a home in America has two living rooms, casually speaking, one will be called the living room (the more formal room) and one will be called the family room (the one that everyone actually hangs out in and watches tv). If there is only one living room, we usually call it the living room.