Epilogue to Yesterday’s Post about Hiring People

Plumbing dispatcher just called.

“Ok if I send the tech over right now?”
“No. I’m not home. Can he come after 4:00 like we agreed?”
“No. The last appt of the day is 2:00-4:00 PM.”
“The person I schedule the appt with yesterday said you had evening appointments and that someone would be over ‘sometime after 4:00’. The only reason I scheduled an appt with you and not someone else is because the scheduler said you had evening appointments.”
“No, that’s not correct. Can we come over now?”
“No. I’m not home, and won’t be for another hour and a half.”
“Would you like to reschedule for tomorrow afternoon?”
“No. I’ll look for other options. Thanks.”

Back to the drawing board…

[update: finally successfully met with a plumber, and scored the coveted 7:00 AM time slot for him to begin work – WIN]

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