The REAL Reason I DIY

You know how I enjoy doing DIY projects around the house and stuff? Well, It’s true, I do enjoy it. And I’m cheap thrifty enough that I love not having to pay people to do stuff I can do myself with some elbow grease.

But the real reason I like to do things myself is because it means i don’t have to go through the process of getting quotes and hiring someone. What a pain!

I know, first world problems, right?

Have any of y’all 8-5ers ever tried to hire a tradesperson before? It’s not easy. You’re at work all day. And the plumber wants to meet you at 10:00 AM. Or 2:30. Or you can keep it flexible and he or she will come sometime between the two. Your choice. By the time you leave work, get home to meet the plumber, then get back to work, you’ve blown a couple hours.

And try that when you’re a 50 minute bicycle ride from home and have to shower when you get back to work!

And then try that twice more within a 2-3 day period so that you have a minimum of 3 quotes to compare. You’ve just taken a day and a half PTO. Not to mention the PTO you have to take once the person you hire shows up to do the work to make sure he’s not rooting through your wife’s bra drawer while you’re not home, amiright?

Ok, Ok. It’s not this bad for a lot of folks. If you can work from home, or don’t have to keep time sheets at work, or don’t live far from work it’s not that bad. And sometimes you’ll find a tradesperson willing to slide you into the 7:30 AM slot, or maybe even an evening/weekend time. And the vast majority of tradespersons ar good, honest folks that don’t care about your wife’s bras and aren’t going to steal your TV. I’m just sayin though – I’ve hired tradespersons a handful of times, and I find the process very frustrating.

Also, where are all the women tradespersons, huh? Damn Patriarchy.

I can’t even find a good photo of a woman plumber on google. It’s all dumb stock photos or else some busty woman in a bikini holding a pair of pliers next to a sink.

One thought on “The REAL Reason I DIY”

  1. Luckily my husband has Monday and Tuesdays off work, so that’s when we tend to schedule things… also, why do you need a plumber? You can do it yourself! I believe in you!

    I also like how you say 8-5, instead of 9-5 (it’s more accurate).

    I would be worried about a worker coming in and stealing something. My mom had her wedding ring stolen by a plumber because she had it in her underwear drawer. What the heck was he doing in her underwear drawer? I guess that’s a bad place to hide valuable things because that’s the first place thieves look. So, yeah, protect your wife’s bra drawer!

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