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Huzzah! New questions in the mailbag! Actually, these are old questions that I never had a chance to answer because of the moving and homelessness and such. Apologies for being so tardy on answering.  I really do love getting questions, even if it takes me a while to answer.

First question was asked back in early October by my friend Curtis:

What are your thoughts on the new bike lanes as a cyclist and a driver?

Good question. It depends on which bike lanes we’re talking about. The City of Minneapolis has installed several miles worth of new bike lanes over the past year. The bike lanes on 1st Ave seem entirely unnecessary, but are nice as far as bike lanes go. I was thrilled to see bike lanes added to portions of Blaisdell and Chicago Avenues. I love the bike lanes over the Franklin Avenue bridge, and I have high hopes for the lanes being added to Riverside Avenue.

However, I’m not thrilled by the lanes on Franklin Avenue west of the bridge. They’re classic door zone bike lanes, and in an area with a very high parking turnover rate. Franklin wasn’t a great place to ride before the bike lanes, but I’m not convinced the lanes are much of an improvement.

But generally, I’m totally bananas for new bike lanes.

Next question was asked anonymously, also in early October:

How has your bicycle commute changed now that you live in the ‘burbs?

Well now isn’t this question a little outdated now that I’ve already moved back to Minneapolis? Actually, anything south of 38th Street totally feels like the ‘burbs to me, so since I’m way down on 49th Street, I pretty much live in Bloomington.

Since moving to the ‘burbs, my route is longer, and much more of it is on streets. I used to live 4 blocks from the Midtown Greenway. Now, I live half a block from Minnehaha Parkway, but the parkway just isn’t nearly as direct a route, so I ride north 20 blocks to get to the Greenway. So much more street riding out here in Bloomington.

Apologies again for taking FOREVER to answer these questions!

Any more questions?
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2 thoughts on “Some Bike Questions”

  1. Interesting that you think the 1st Ave bike lanes are unnecessary, but you like the extension of the Blaisdell one. You think a bike lane leading out of the city is good, but the parallel one leading into the city is unnecessary? I think the bike line on first is great and was really needed.

    My favorite new bike lanes are the ones on 29th between First and Blaisdell connecting to the greenway. It allows people to bike against traffic to get to and from the greenway to the north/south bike lanes. It is genius.

  2. @Kassie – well, I’ve never actually ridden on the 1st Ave lanes, so I could be way off. It’s just my general impression – I feel like there’s hardly anyone driving on 1st Ave anyway so lanes weren’t really necessary.

    But I think most Cyclists in general should be more assertive and get comfortable riding on streets without bike lanes, so what do I know?

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