Time Machine

Do you guys want to hear something awesome? I live in a time machine!

Seriously, just step through my front door and you will be instantly transported back to 1972, the last known renovation date of our new home. Mel and I are busy trying to make the place livable. We don’t know much about the previous owners, other than that an elderly woman lived here for like 30 years until she died. Apparently she also took a solemn vow to not make any improvements to the home (including cosmetic and mechanical) the entire time. There’s some work here to do.

“Lot’s of potential” is what we’re calling it. That’s the polite way to say, “your house is kinda funky, but I don’t really want to say that to your face.” Anyway, since I know y’all won’t be able to sleep tonight until you see them, here are some photos of our new home.


1939 Tudor. The outside.

Looking back at the front door.

The living room. This is where I rule my dominion.

This is where I will eat food & play board games.

Brick kitchen!? what the weird?

Obviously the best part of this bedroom is the light fixture.

Pink! Gold Foil! LOVE. This is the only room in the house that we won't be renovating.

Two sweet little built-in beds in the attic. If you come visit me, you can sleep here.

Unfinished half of the basement. This is where KP lives.

This room is for dancing and/or singing.

What do you think? Does it have potential?

16 comments to Time Machine

  • Casey

    I seriously love your new home. Sure, there’s some work to do, but I think it’s fantastic!

  • Fantastic!!! I can’t wait for the installments of renovation posts. It will be like watching HGTV (which I only get to do when we are in a hotel with Cable). Plus, you’ve got an awesome bathroom. So mostly I need a picture of the backyard, and stats: sq ft, bed/bath, etc. Also, would you say you are more likely to get your home improvement supplies from Home Depot or Lowes?

  • tara

    Looks like it has a lot of potential, I am excited for you guys! Where is your new bungaloo? Hopefully we can come visit soon and see it (and you guys and Claire)

  • AnonEMaus

    I like the hard floors in the basement. Where will you put your organic plant grow operation?

  • Jo

    I wish I had a room for singing and dancing. Lucky.

  • I LOVE the outside of the house, and the first few inside pictures weren’t bad. You do have a lot of work ahead of you but I think it has a ton of potential!

  • dude.

    Your house is ballin. I luv the bathroom. It reminds me of my first house but it had silver metallic wallpaper instead and it had a red bulb for the heat lamp so I felt like a baked potato whenever I’d drop deuce.

    Oh the memories.

  • Moe

    Seeing how much work you have to do, makes me think again about your blogging issue. I’m now in complete favor of having a separate blog for the house. I think your readership would grow having that as it’s own thing.

  • @Moe – now you’re starting to make some sense! I like the way you think!

  • So that’s what it looks like when it’s not packed full of junk. Nice. I’m looking forward to seeing the improvements.

  • I have the same pinkish tile in one of my bathrooms; took some of it out, but it’s attached to a type of cement/mesh backing that is miserable to work with. And part of the tile is behind a radiator. So I’m just going to paint it. Ever painted over tile?

  • @David – I’ve never painted tile… I’ve heard very mixed results. Mostly, I think people only have good luck with it when they are just looking for something cheap and inexpensive to hold them over for a year or two until they replace it…. and yea, I’ve got the same concrete/wire mesh stuff behind mine too…

  • Alie

    I think the pink tile is nice (it’s the black accent that saves it) and the bathroom wouldn’t look too horrifying if you took out the wall paper and got some nice 40’s style fixtures.

  • Love the new house! Can’t wait to see what you guys do with it!

  • I can see the “potential” in your house! 😉 No really, though, this house does have good “bones” as they say, and when fixed up, I’m sure it will be beautiful! I think it’s better to start with something so outdated because then you don’t feel bad spending the money, time, and HARD WORK to remodel it to fit your style and needs 🙂