Previous Owners Treasures

It’s kind of fun to find things around the house that were left by the previous owners. So far, we’ve found a couple things worth mentioning.

This basket was left in one of the bedroom closets way up high on the back of a shelf where you couldn’t see it from the floor. It looks like the previous owners liked to travel, and since she also liked to smoke like a chimney, collecting match books made sense!

What's in the basket?
Buncha' Matches.

Also, when we pulled one of the forced air furnace return vents off the wall, we found it so clogged with garbage that there’s no way air was getting through it. Mostly it was clogged with papers, including a couple of $10 bills!

Gonna buy some new shoes!

After I found the first two bills, I secretly started hoping that the previous owner had stuffed millions of dollars into the vent system and that I was about to discover the motherload. But nope. Just the $20. I’ll take it.

4 thoughts on “Previous Owners Treasures”

  1. WOW… I would love to find $20 from the previous owners. The bin full of matches, though, I’m not so sure is a good sign. I’d worry about nicotine stains coming through paint after that.

  2. Oh my god, the vent was clogged with garbage? Do you think someone was stuffing papers into there on purpose, or what? All we found in our vents was a dead squirrel!

    Although, there was an old, non-functional chimney stack in the middle of the 2nd floor that had some interesting stuff stashed in it. When we removed the bricks, we discovered that a previous occupant had used the hole where the stove-pipe once went to hide girly mags, beer cans and a box from a pack of cigarettes.

    That matchbook collection is pretty top-notch, by the way! Were any from any particularly exotic places?

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