Painting the Bathroom

Believe it or not, I was actually a little sad that we couldn’t keep this fantastic specimen of 1940s wallpaper up in our bathroom. We know ultimately this room will need a pretty serious makeover and it might have been fun to get nostalgic every time we used the commode, but unfortunately the wall paper was covered in a layer of smoke and grime and some other sticky residue that I’m not sure I want to identify.  So for those of you who were fans of the gold/pink tile combo, here is one last look at it:

Bathroom before: Gold foiled glory!

Luckily the wall paper came down easily- just pulled straight off the wall with no prep work required. There was another layer of glue that needed to be scrubbed off though- similar to KP’s room. We also had a fair amount of spackling that needed to happen. This bathroom has no vent and between that and possible ice dam damage there is some pretty soft spots in the ceiling. We’re hoping it holds up till we get the chance to do a proper makeover. For now this room is sporting a fresh coat of ultra-white on the walls.

Bathroom with a fresh coat of paint

It really tones down the pink tiles, don’t cha think? Don’t worry- replacing those gold blinds is still pretty high on our to do list!

2 thoughts on “Painting the Bathroom”

  1. I am coveting your bathroom so hard right now. Your tile is amazing! And while I love that wallpaper, you can’t argue with smoke and grime. The paint job looks great.

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