Painting the Living Room

Move in day

Here’s a little math equation for y’all:

Years of smoking inside the house

+ Several years without repainting the walls

– Any substantial cleaning

All the walls in the house need to be painted

Fortunately my parents were kind enough to spend an entire week helping us out or we would still be painting.

We decided to start in the living room/dining room which is basically one large room semi-divided with a large archway.  As you can see from the before pictures, these walls were gross. Lots of smoke stains, water discolorations, and patches of patched plaster repairs that had never been painted over.

Because of the smoke residue, our only choice was to first attack the walls and ceilings with a thick layer of Original Killz primer. This stuff is pretty nasty- my advice is to ventilate the room as much as possible if you need to use this stuff. It did the trick though- no more nasty smoke smell/old people odor left here!

Even the priming made things look waaaayyy better.

Once the walls and ceilings had been primed it was time for the fun part- putting new color on the walls. We went with Glidden Antique Silver.  In the store we thought it was gray with a tint of blue, but once it was on the walls we decided it was more of a blue with a tint of gray. We think it looks pretty darn good with the wood stain on all the doors, trim, and picture rail trim.

What do you think?

Painted dining room
Painted living room

6 thoughts on “Painting the Living Room”

  1. You had also pulled up the carpet, right? It looks tons better (unpainted) with the wood floor, but it’s amazing how much new paint really makes things better.

    1. @Ben – Yes, we also pulled the carpet! That probably made just as big an impact on the overall feel of the house as painting. And it really helped get rid of smell. You guys should come up and check the place out sometime. You can stay in our upstairs “guest loft”!

  2. Those walls were so gross! The new paint makes it look like a totally different house, of course. And if you painted the bricks in the kitchen it might look like subway tile, or it might look like painted brick.

  3. I just took a few minutes to look back though the walk-through and then the painting posts. The previous owners must have lived there for a few decades, huh? Prepping and painting is a lot of work, but it really paid off. It looks great!

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