Ode to Light Fixtures

Melanie and I are completely in love with our new home, but if there’s one thing we don’t love, it’s the light fixtures. I’ve seen a lot of pretty hideous light fixtures, but somehow, the previous owners managed to collect some of the worst.

Take a look at some of these light fixtures, and see if you can pick out your favorite (meaning, favorite because it’s so terrible):

Blue and green circles everywhere!
This fixture was hanging way too low and I kept bumping my head, so I used a padlock to make a higher. A padlock was the first thing I could find.
More white globes!
Ditto the padlock on this one.
I broke at least 3 bulbs trying to put a new bulb in this one.
Yep, it's wicker.
Not too bad?
We might hang onto these for a while...

OK, readers. So which one is best/worst?

5 thoughts on “Ode to Light Fixtures”

  1. The bathroom side lights are interesting, though they certainly aren’t benefited by the wall art.

    Fortunately for us, we had a few carabiners around that we used to keep lights from hanging too low, as we don’t have any padlocks.

  2. Don’t throw those bathroom fixtures out, they may be worth money. People are going crazy for art deco fixtures right now.

    1. @Aliecat – neat idea! I love CA$H! We don’t have any immediate plans to change them, since they fit in really well with the rest of the bathroom. I expect these lights will be around until the whole bathroom is remodeled. Sadly, though, the previous owners mangled one of them pretty badly, so they may not fetch as much as the could have…

  3. If the glass itself is in good shape and not broken, they still may be worth looking into selling them, since they’d probably have to be re-wired anyway.

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