Shingling the Roof

One of the first things we needed to get done after buying the house was replacing the old shingles. The shingles were curling and losing their gravel, so it was definitely time for something new. Plus, we never really liked the look of the red shingles anyway.

We knew this wasn’t a job we would be able to handle ourselves, so we got some quotes from a few local roofing companies. We solicited bids from 5 companies, and actually received bids from three of them. We ended up choosing the mid-range price, mostly because they were locally based with their office less than a mile from our home. I like the idea of supporting local neighborhood businesses, and I just kind of liked the guy. We selected All Seasons Construction and Contracting.

Here’s what the house looked like with the red roof when we started:

Old red shingles.

When the crew came to tear off the existing shingles, they discovered that the house had THREE layers of shingles!!! Most cities con’t permit more than one layer anymore, and it’s not uncommon to find houses with two layers, but THREE is really something. It was interesting to see the different colors of shingles previous owners used. Underneath the existing red shingles we could see, there had previously been white and green as well. The brown shingles on the right are what we chose to install.

Three layers of old shingles and new shingle.

We chose to use the GAF Timberline HD shingles at the recommendation of our roofer. These are pretty basic and standard shingles. Nothing fancy.

Here’s what the house looks like with new shingles:

New Roof.

We’re not sure if the brown shingles really match the red trim on the house very well, but we were pretty certain we didn’t want to use red shingles again.

What do you think? Was brown the right color for the house?

2 thoughts on “Shingling the Roof”

  1. I just found your blog and am really enjoying looking at your old posts. I lived in Hibbing, MN for a few years so I understand the challenges you face remodeling in a cold climate. 5+ months of winter weather can really interfere with projects. I love what you are doing with the house and look forward to seeing your progress. And I think the brown shingles were a good choice with your chimney color and house style.

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