Stony Ridge Cafe


Stony Ridge Cafe - Ely, MN

Recommended Eating: Stony Ridge Cafe outside of Ely, MN. The burgers are huge. I had the Juicy Lucy, which wasn’t that great. They didn’t do a good job crimping the sides of the burger, so there was no hot pocket of lava cheese. The Bacon Cheddar burger, however has massive slices of bacon on it. Yum!


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Juicy Lucy


Bacon Cheddar Burger

2 comments to Stony Ridge Cafe

  • Raina

    Despite being vegetarian, this looks soooo effing good. Thanks a lot. Now I have to go eat a slab of bacon. And smother it in greasy cheese, dip it in pourable mustard, and top with onion rings and/or French fries. Diet for a New, New America 2011. Great.

  • FTW