Edina Apartment

I mentioned in a previous post that we’ve landed in a basement in Edina. We’re bunking with some friends, and we’re grateful that they’ve let us move in with them for a couple months. I thought I’d show off our new pad. We’ve scored ourselves about 350 square feet all to ourselves, including a large walk-in closet. Here’s what we’re working with:

The Office.

I don’t know exactly what that thing in the corner is, but I strapped my ankles in it and almost died when it flipped over backwards. My wife had to save me.

The Bedroom.

The Living Room.

Here’s the best part, though: Minnehaha Creek is literally in our backyard! Not down the street, not a couple blocks over. In our back yard! Neat, huh?

The Back Yard. Part 1.

The Back Yard. Part 2.

5 comments to Edina Apartment

  • Liz

    Fancy pad! When are you inviting us over to party?

  • ..that was like watching MTV Cribs. That river makes me wish I didn’t live in Texas.

  • @Liz – I’m not sure if we’re allowed visitors. I’ll have to check the fine print on our lease. I’ll let you know.

    @John – yea, and we did it all without any help from xzibit!

  • Katie

    Nice! I was curious about your kitchen and bathroom. You do get a bathroom, right? No bathing in the creek?

    What about a kitchen? Microwave and mini fridge? Toaster? Anything? You tweeted about Seattle Sutton’s, I don’t know about them, but I’d think a week’s worth of meals would take up a lot of room in a fridge.

  • I think Edina is such a nice, wonderful place 🙂 You have a great yard!