Stressing Me Out

Huzzah! New question in the inbox! This one was asked anonymously:

When are you going to post something again?

Yikes, so somebody has noticed that it’s been nearly two weeks since my last post.  The good news, is that I’m going to post something again right NOW!

The bad news is that it’s going to be one of those “this is why I never post” posts.

So here’s why I’ve been two busy to write:

  • KP – did y’all remember that I have a kid now? I’m too busy watching her be adorable.
  • Selling our house – It’s not a done deal, yet, but pending a successful appraisal on Monday, we will be selling our home by the end of the month.
  • Packing – So since we’re moving, I’ve been thinking a lot about packing up all my stuff. I haven’t actually started packing, but I’ve been thinking about it (which means I’m not thinking about blogging).
  • Buying a new house – we’re trying to find a house to buy, and it’s not going well. The first problem is that most of the houses that show up on the MLS listings are already sold. We’ll send a list of a dozen houses to our realtor to schedule showings and she’ll tell us that all but one of the houses has already been sold pending inspection. We’re a little surprised, since we’ve been hearing so much about how it’s a buyers market and how everybody is having a hard time selling, etc. This has only partially been our experience so far. There are a lot of houses that have been on the market a long time, but the ones we’re interested in buying have been selling very quickly. Also, the cheapest houses are definitely in Minneapolis, but the best value (on houses, not neighborhoods) is definitely in the ‘burbs. That’s disappointing.
  • Find Temporary Housing – We’ll probably be officially homeless for at least a month between the time we sell and the time we are able to buy, so I dunno what we’ll do  in the mean time. We’ve been trying to figure that out. Stay with friends? Extended stay hotel? Also, where are we gonna store all of our stuff while we move?
  • PE Exam – The Professional Engineer exam is very important, and it’s happening in October. It’s the test that makes me an actual engineer, rather than just some guy who claims to be an engineer. I’m basically being tested on all sorts of stuff that I learned during my undergraduate time at BYU, but haven’t thought about since. I have to re-learn 4 years of college in about 2 months. This test will pretty much decide whether I am a worthwhile person.

Any one of these things on their own wouldn’t really be a big deal, but all of them together is a giant stress-fest.

So that’s what’s keeping me busy. How about you? What’s stressing you out lately?

Any more questions?
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6 comments to Stressing Me Out

  • Katie

    You’ll probably hate me for suggesting it, but if you think you’ll find better values in the ‘burbs, why not set up a six month lease in Richfield or SLP and try it out for a while? It’d give you more time to look for a house, and you can see if the suburbs are really as soul-sucking as you thought.

    My husband has a big test for work coming up in October too, it’s stressful to watch him stress about it.

    On a lighter note, it was fun seeing Mel at the gym yesterday! Good luck with everything.

  • HunWen

    Yikes, that’s a lot of stress! You are welcome to stay at our house if you find yourself homeless. Congrats on selling! If you need a study buddy, I wouldn’t mind getting a head start on my own P.E. studying. Also, your realtor should really be the one sending you listings for properties they think you would be interested in. They have better search and alert functions and should be able to jump on new listings for you. Our realtor sent us listings every few days I think. This makes a big difference if you think you’d be ready to write up an offer shortly after you see a house. The best deals were typically off the market after one week. We got to see most of the houses, but we weren’t usually ready to pull the trigger right away. If it makes you feel any better, the best deals often sell for more than list price because they get multiple offers, so they end up not being as great of a deal in the end. 🙂 Sorry for the long comment, should’ve sent you an email.

  • Moe

    I grew up in Richfield and can vouch for that city. It’s basically South Minneapolis with lower property taxes and bigger homes/yards. The schools are ok, but I much prefer the actual city schools.

    What areas of Mpls have you been looking at?

  • KP is so cute, I don’t blame you for just wanting to look at her! Also, I’m impressed you can blog at all with all those things going on. Thank goodness Scott took care of the PE before the baby came, that would have been hard. We’re looking for a house right now too, I agree that your agent shouldn’t be sending you pending listings… What a pain! Good luck, if you need a vacay, there’s always the Cartwright house! 🙂

  • Michael

    Good luck with the PE. Especially good luck with studying for the PE with a baby and being homeless…. Really, just best wishes on all of it.

  • Katie Dowd

    I have a friend selling their home at 4205 18th ave south if you ate interested in seeing it, not sure what you are looking for but just passing along.