My Mind is in Lauterbrunnen

Lauterbrunnen Valley

Lauterbrunnen Valley, Switzerland

My mind is on vacation in the Lauterbrunnen Valley in Switzerland right now. Based on the roughly 36 hours I spent there last year, this is the place where all things are perfect and peaceful. The scenery, the people, the vast array of cheeses, and the multi-modal transportation culture can’t be beat. Lake Woebegon’s got nothin’ on this place. I’m resting mentally… right now, and for at least the next few hours. I really wish I had a hammock.

Actually, I have a hammock, a great one. My wife bought it for me. But I’ve no place to hang it. The one thing about Lauterbrunnen, is that there’s always a place to hang a hammock. That’s the first thing you notice.

Here’s a quick update since the last time I wrote about some of the things going on:

  • We’re still on track to sell our current home on 8/31. All signs indicate that it will happen as planned, but I guess you never know about this sort of thing. We aren’t going to hold the celebration party until 9/1 – Location TBD, since we have no idea where we’ll be living in 12 days. In the mean time, we’re packing everything we own into boxes.
  • We’ve made an offer on a new home, and they’ve verbally accepted, though we’re still working out some paperwork and some details. I’m both extremely excited by this house and extremely terrified by it at the same time. It’s got wonderful potential, but will require a terrific amount of time and money up front for repairs and renovations… And the seller won’t agree to close until 10/28. So we’ve got to find a place to live for two months. Any ideas?
  • I learned this morning that something out of my control (but certainly within my influence) didn’t turn out the way I’d hoped. I’ll spare you the details, but I’ve been totally bummed about it all day. I certainly let my imagination get away from me on this one, and now I’m on a mental vacation to recover and regain my senses. All will turn out ok (it always does). Hopefully I will return from my mental vacation rejuvenated and ready to tackle the world.

Also, if all does turn out as planned and we buy a house on 10/28. The first thing I’m gonna do is plant a couple trees in the back yard so that 10 years from now I can stretch a hammock between them, just in case I need to imagine myself in Lauterbrunnen for a while.

Where do you go when you need a little vacation?

2 comments to My Mind is in Lauterbrunnen

  • California is my place. Doesn’t matter where. Yosemite, Monterey, San Francisco, San Diego, the Redwoods, Death Valley…I love it all and typically get out there once or twice a year. Hawaii is up there too but it’s a little less feasible to do on a regular basis.

    Good luck on finding an abode for a couple of months. I’d probably be staying in a basement with my in-laws if I were in a similar predicament. Moving all of your stuff anywhere for a 2-month stay is no fun though.

  • I agree, Switzerland is amazing!