10 thoughts on “Urban Planning LOL”

  1. My favorite part is the intersection that kind of looks like a roundabout (because of the round concrete design) but is actually just a normal intersection. And that it’s sandwiched between two things that look like roundabouts, but aren’t because they aren’t actually intersections.

    Somebody really wanted a roundabout in this thing and was never successful at realizing their vision.

  2. The sad thing is I identified it immediately as that center in Anoka. And the street at the bottom is “Main Street”, which is much nicer about a mile to the west.

    You also didn’t even call out that the urban design elements in that area are all Frank Lloyd Wrightish. Designers spent a lot of time thinking about this.

  3. @All – in case I’m being too cryptic – as some of you have pointed out – What’s funny about this shopping center is that it’s very clear that a LOT of time and effort went into designing this place, and no doubt much negotiation between the developers and the poor city staffers tasked with coordinating this development. And for all that time, effort, and money, it’s still just a generic shopping center that does absolutely nothing to make Anoka a better place.

  4. Those aren’t roundabouts. At best, they’re “pedestrian refuges”, though I can’t imagine there’s a whole lot of pedestrian activity here.

    The bridge in the upper right is a newer addition…didn’t exist originally. I figure Coon Rapids didn’t like all the traffic funneling onto Round Lake Blvd.

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