A quick note about Craigslist

Craigslist has always been a fantastic tool for selling, buying, or bartering with other people in your community for pretty much anything. The thing I always loved most about Craigslist is that it has always been a little bit of an “anything goes” sort of forum where you can buy or sell almost anything.

But then it grew up, I guess. Turns out that Craigslist now has some pretty strict posting guidelines. This is a good thing, I guess. We do want everything to be legal and I’d rather not people be allowed to sell things like, say, other people. And the Criaigslist peeps do a lot of good work trying to get rid of bogus posts and annoying scammers/spammers. But there are some casualties along the way.

I discovered this because my own post was flagged and removed because it violated their posting guidelines. I was trying to hire someone to come to my home and provide me with a service (no, sickos, the kind where everyone leaves their clothes on…). At any rate, my post was flagged by some nerd person who believes it’s his or her job to monitor the listings, and then I assume the flagged post was reviewed and removed by some craigslist admin in a cube somewhere.

Here’s the thing, though. When your post is removed, they don’t tell you why (I suspect the person that flagged my post thought it should have been in a different category, but I can’t be certain. ย The beauty of Craigslist has always been that you can hire people to do the sort of tasks that don’t fit neatly into categories). The email just says it was removed and tells you to spend several hours reviewing the guidelines and participating in the (apparently very active) Craigslist Help Forum.

As if I want to spend an afternoon reading guidelines or discussing posting etiquette with Craigslist nerds! As if!

So I did what anyone else would have done: I reposted the original post again in exactly the same place I posted it the first time. So much easier and quicker than reviewing guidelines!!! Altogether, I posted it a total of 3 times, each time it was flagged and removed, but not until several hours later. And several hours earth time is the equivalent of about 2 years in Craigslist time – it moves pretty quickly. Each time I posted, I received half a dozen inquiries, providing me with a generous list of interested parties.

So my point is – best of luck to Craigslist as they strive to implement their posting guidelines and keep things as organized as possible. I understand why they want to keep things organized. But I’m probably just going to continue posting stuff wherever I feel like it fits best – Craigslist nerds be damned.

Anyone got any interesting Craigslist stories?

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  1. No stories about Craigslist as a company…only about the people that I have encountered! I’m also posting a comment because I am curious to see what other comments people leave behind. ๐Ÿ™‚

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