The Vomit Queens

Huzzah! Another question in the inbox! This one was asked anonymously:

Do you call your daughter KP outside the blog context – is that you’re general nickname for her? (If so I think that’s cool – I was called Bean, or Jellybean as a kid, for similar reasons as KP)

Yep. I call her KP at least half the time. The other half of the time I call her the Vomit Queen, because she likes to dump her lunch out of her face.

Once she’s old enough to wail into a microphone, Imma help her set up her first metal band. I’ve already ordered a Bass Drum head with a zombie logo that says:

KP & The Vomit Queens

Their music will only be available on vinyl. Deal with it.

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2 comments to The Vomit Queens

  • Kalie and Tess

    It gets better… and then is replaced by copious amounts of slobber. Jason is appalled by the amount of liquid that comes out of Tess’ face 😀 Also we’ll preorder a copy of KP’s first record!

  • Liz

    Love it–classic band name, sure to get her somewhere someday!