Northfield, MN

Just FYI – Northfield, MN, is a good place to kill a few hours on a Saturday if you want. We did.

Northfield 1

Old-Timey Main Street

Northfield 2

This used to be a waterfall. Now it's concrete. #progress

Northfield 3

Requisite VFW on Old-Timey Main Street

Northfield 4

Cool Old Buildings

Northfield 5

Rueb 'n' Stein

Northfield 6

This is another picture of Northfield.

Northfield 7

People selling stuff by the river.

Northfield 8

Cool looking old wooden stuff.

At the recommendation of @garciasn, we also ate lunch at Hogan Brothers, where we had a couple of damn fine sandwiches. The soup was no good. Don’t get the soup. Unless you think Campbell’s makes great soup. Then get the soup.

3 comments to Northfield, MN

  • Raina

    Awesome! Did you post this while lee was sleeping like a wee lamby? Precious. Have fun and be safe! Or was this post about another time with you and Mel?

  • Brian Hogan

    Sweet, there’s a place named after me and my brothers. I wonder if they’d give me a free lunch.

  • Celeste

    It’s a dream place, I loved to see your pictures. I sincerely to hope be there some day.