mr. little guy

there’s a tree at lake harriet with a hollowed out base where a friendly elf lives and answers letters using only lower-case letters because “capitals are too big”. his name is thom, and if you leave him a letter, he promises to write you back.

mr. little guy's tree

mr. little guy's tree

mr. little guy's front door

mr. little guy's front door

we really wanted kp to get a letter from mr. little guy, so we helped her leave a picture of herself for thom.

kp with her note

kp looks a little bit drunk.

on the back, we helped her write a note.

kp's note to thom

kp's note to thom

we came back just a couple days later and found that thom had already left an answer for kp.

searching for kp's note

searching for kp's note.

kp with her note from thom

kp with her note from thom.

my favorite part about mr. little guy is that he always ends every letter he writes with the words “i believe in you”. i can’t think of anything else i’d rather hear from an elf.

i believe in you

i believe in you

have you ever left a note for mr. little guy?

1. alta lucia is one of the most beautiful names i’ve ever heard. especially for an elf. but also humans.
2. do not start googling unless you want to uncover mr. little guy’s secrets.

10 comments to mr. little guy

  • Darcey

    That is AWESOME. I wish we had a mr. little guy here.

  • marla

    holy crow. i had no idea that you could write them messages …. i have loved the little door for so many years but didn’t know the real story!!! enchanting.
    ps kp is UBER DARLING!

  • Liz

    Yay!!! I still need to post Liam’s response. Wow, you guys went to a lot of work with the picture. I just ripped out a piece of paper that was in the car and wrote on it 🙂 Classy!

  • Jimmy

    Thanks for sharing, this is super awesome; I had never heard of mr. little guy before. My daughter will love it. For anyone else, like me, who has no idea where this is, I present to you the GPS coordinates found from a geo-caching website: N 44° 54.953 W 093° 18.591.

  • What a cool thing! I love the picture of Claire by the tree. She looks a little like an elf herself.

  • Ren

    This made my day. My week. Hell, my month.

  • Once upon a time, I met mr. little guy and he is as charming in person as he is in the written word. he’s skinny, wears a hat and always wears sunglasses. once i ran into him in the grocery store (i didn’t hurt him, haha) and he was buying ice cream.

  • Hi! I love mr. little guy and have since found other “fairy doors” at the base of other Minneapolis trees. I am actually going to be in Powderhorn for my resident guided tour this Sunday. Perhaps I’ll see you out on your bike? I posted the base of tree treasures here:

  • @all – thanks for your responses. this is really a mpls treasure.

  • Jennifer

    Thom is a friend of mine and is as wonderful as you can imagine. I need a photo of his front door and was going to ask him, but then I saw yours which is delightful. Would you give me permission to use the close up of the front door for a project with the Minneapolis Parks and Nice Ride.

    Time is of the essence, so if you can reply soon,it would be very helpful.

    If yes, could you send me a hi-res jpg.

    Thanks so much,