A few weeks ago I was at the Midtown Farmers Market looking for some breakfast when my eyes laid hold on a small food vendor Kabomelette. I instantly knew it was the place for me. I enjoyed meeting, Greg and Chelsea, the husband/wife team that own and operate the place.

When I first saw the name of the place, I thought it was a mashup of the words Omelette and Kaboom! I imagined it working like this:

Greg makes the omelette, then hands it off to Chelsea, who would look at me, thrust the omelette into my hands, and yell “KABOOM! OMELETTE!”

“Hell Yea!” I would think. “I’m about to experience a taste bud explosion! This omelette is the Bomb!”

So, I was a little let down when Chelsea politely handed me my omelette and said something unmemorable, like “Enjoy your omelette.” And then I began to realize that the name was actually a mashup of the words Kabob and Omelette.

And I’m just not nearly as into Kabobs as I’m into someone yelling Kaboom! at me.

But it was a fantastic Omelette.

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