Future Missionary

Regular readers will recall that I am trying to collect all secrets from the PostSecret project that explicitly reference Mormonism. You can see all the installments here.

For those not familiar with LDS culture, this secret shows a picture of a “future missionary” nametag (it’s a real thing). It looks just like the tags worn by all LDS missionaries, except instead of the individual’s name it just says “future missionary”. It’s just a little¬†gimmick¬†tag worn by kids. Teenagers, generally, don’t wear them, because the tags are stupid.

I don't know if I will be able to stay good forever

My impression is that this Secret was created by a teenager who is unsure about whether he or she will be able to “stay good” long enough to be permitted to serve an LDS mission.

One thought on “Future Missionary”

  1. The “future missionary” tags I’ve seen have all been miniature and lacking the name of the church. If you know where to get full-sized authentic looking ones, that would be make for an interesting Halloween costume for a sci-Fi themed “missionary from the future” (but the more I think of it, the more it seems that even in 100 years, the missionaries will probably look identical to the current missionaries.)

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