Where did the name Kung Pao come from?

Huzzah! A couple of new questions in the inbox! First, my friend Dr. Katie asked the following:

Where did the nickname Kung Pao come from?

Also, my other friend Katie asked the following:

How did you and Mel come up with the names Kung Pao and Claire Alice?

Well it all started when we first found out that we were pregnant.  We were celebrating the news by eating dinner from Bill’s Garden, where we ordered our usual Pork Fried Rice and Kung Pao Chicken. After dinner, we had the following conversation.

“Oh, I’m so full. I don’t feel very well,” Mel said.

“Is it the food, or the baby?” I asked.

“Probably both,” she said. “It’s a food baby.”

“A Kung Pao baby?” I asked. “Are we having a Kung Pao baby?”

“Yea, I think we’re having a Kung Pao baby.”

And that’s pretty much it. From then on, we’ve called the baby Kung Pao.

Claire is just kind of a name we both liked. It wasn’t either of our first choices, but we made a spreadsheet and ranked our separate preferences using a simple averaging algorithm, and Claire floated up to the top. Also, I’ve been a sucker for the name Claire ever since Claire Danes played the fantastic character Angela Chase on My So-Called Life.

Alice is a family name on both sides of the family.

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