Mormon Free Thinker

Regular readers know that I’m trying to compile all PostSecrets that explicitly or implicitly mention Mormonism.

I'm Mormon & I still think for myself!

This newest installment is tragic, with the implication that Mormons, typically, don’t think for themselves.

You can see the rest of my collection here. If you’ve got any I don’t have, please let me know.

6 thoughts on “Mormon Free Thinker”

  1. Imagine that! Freethinking Mormons! What an oxymoron. Or oxymormon.

    BTW, Owen delcared that the baby blessed in church today wasn’t nearly as cute as Baby Claire. I told him he was right 😉

  2. I didn’t take it that way…I took it as that “she” perceives the masses believe that Mormon’s don’t think for themselves, but that “she” is trying to get across that we do.

  3. @Heather – hmmm. Interesting perspective. Is she trying to distinguish herself from other Mormons? Or is she correcting an unfair perception of all Mormons? Hmmm…. good question.

  4. What stuck out the most for me in this was the tutu with tights…no long underwear, or garments? Is ballet an acceptable excuse for not wearing them? Or is it assumed she is simply to young for the requirement?

    I am a photographer and was doing some research about the ins and outs of the LDS faith and rules for an upcoming wedding (they are having two separate ceremonies and receptions – yikes! I thought planning one was hard enough!). I typically get shots while the bridal party is getting ready beforehand (nothing indecent of course) but she mentioned that she would not be able to do that as it might run the risk of exposing her “garment”. Of course I had no idea what she was talking about and rather than asking and possibly making one or both of us uncomfy I decided to google it. I vaguely remembered hearing about Mormon “holy underwear” in the past – usually in jest – and figured they were one and the same. Finally my research led me here, which I must admit is pretty amusing!

  5. When I read it I also assumed it was a message to the “masses”… as any church member knows they can think for themselves and are encouraged to do so… I personally get very tired with other people and other religions telling me what I believe or how OPPRESSED women are in the “Mormon” church. The truth could not be farther from that!!! Women are treated very well, and in fact many would tell you the Mormon church is really run by the women… they hold the church together. And Mormon men (as a whole) treat their wives and children amazing. Then entire church concept is to support families… of course like any large group, there are people that decide the guidelines don’t apply to them, or that their THEORY on how to be a good spouse or parent is better… but all the church teachings for the men are all about being a good father and husband.

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