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So you know all that “anime” stuff people like?  You know how some people are totally into it? Well i’d never seen much of it until today. I found myself awake at around 7:00 AM bouncing Kung Pao this morning, and after watching the awesome bicycle movie Breaking Away, I started perusing the Netflix archives. One of the recommendations: Sekirei

Sekirei DVD Cover

I probably should have known better since the plot snippet described one of the female characters as “busty” (which was then confirmed by the cover art), but I decided to watch anyway. I made it through 3 episodes. I could totally see the potential plot appeal: it was mystical, magical, fantastic, etc. There was swords, fighting, battles, etc. and I even appreciated the animation.

But, eh… this was probably one of the most objectifying shows I’ve ever seen. Despite the fact that the women were the characters with all the superpowers, they were also reduced to sexbots since all of their clothes got ripped off every time they had a battle and they each had a male companion whom they referred to as their “master”. In some cases, the (gender ambiguous) men were even “master” to several women (whom he claimed by kissing them), which introduced a kind of weird polygamy thing. It was pretty clear I’d stumbled onto the American Pie of anime. Far from outright pornography, but not exactly plot-driven either. I don’t have a problem with characters being sexy, but I’d rather not have that be their best trait.

Anyway, all this is to say that I’m sure there is better anime out there I should be watching. So help me out? Don’t make me aimlessly peruse the endless Netflix gallery again (that’s how I found Sekirei).  Got any anime recommendations? Ever seen Sekirei? Thoughts?

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  1. Here are my hubby’s recommendations … Evangelion (except the last episode) and anything Cowboy Bebop. He said Evangelion is a good one to ease yourself into Anime.

    He also wants to know what kind you’re looking for … comedy, action, romance, etc? He said it’s very diverse so there will be a lot of good and a lot of bad.

    He said the one you watched is so not funny and is aimed at 16 year old boys, so you need to try Cowboy Bebop.

  2. I second casey’s suggestion. I’m not much of an anime guy, but those ones were good. Also, Ghost In The Shell is pretty awesome. The TV show is a little better than the movies. The first movie will blow your mind more than the tv show but it’s a little depressing. The tv show is pretty cool.

  3. It’s only anime-ish, but the Nickelodeon series “Avatar” is a fun mix of action, comedy, drama, and even some romance with a truly serialized storyline. We liked it enough to name our dog after one of the characters. Available for streaming on Netflix.

  4. Oh, heck yeah. If Avatar is anime, then it is the best one ever. The worst thing about Avatar is when it ends. I hear they are going to launch a spinoff series soon – hopefully it’ll be as good. Anyway, it’s a great show because you could watch it with kids and not feel guilty. Most other anime is not very kid friendly – or they are too deep/slow to be enjoyed by kids. I guess there is a lot of kid anime, too, but I think those are mostly stupid

  5. @Casey – thanks for the recommendations! But now I want to know why I can’t watch the last episode!!!

    It sounds like Cowboy Bebop, Evangelion, and Avatar are the favorites around here, so I’ll give them a shot.

  6. My list-
    1) Spirited Away – Hayao Miyazaki’s masterpiece and one of the most creative movies, animae or not that I’ve ever seen. BTW, is the most successful Japanese film of all time.

    2) Princess Mononoke – Another gem, this one’s historical fantasty, some of the plot feels a bit like Spirited Away, mostly because both draw heavly on Shinto elements.. it’s one of the best movies I’ve seen.

    3) Howl’s Walking Castle – Another Mizayaki not as good as Spirited Away, but well worth a look.

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