Water and Calculator II

I received the following image via text message from my wife today. It pretty much sums up everything I love about my wife, and why we’re such a great team. We have phenomenally similar taste in water bottles.

Water and Calculator II

Water and Calculator II

It also exhibits the biggest challenge facing our marriage right now. Comparing this photo to the last one, and you’ll instantly realize that we’re in different calculator camps. She’s a die-hard HP user, and I’m more into TI’s.

Unless you’re a math or engineering geek, you probably don’t understand the full implications.  Engineers feel very strongly about their calculators.  HP users accuse TI users of being lured into using sub-standard equipment by the user-friendly interface, while TI users accuse HPers of esoteric calculator snobbery by preferring machines with capabilities that only the most intense of users will ever need (more than typical engineers ever need) at the cost of non-intuitive user interface.

We are considering counseling.

4 comments to Water and Calculator II

  • I loved my TIs simply because Z-Shell owned. Nothing like playing Bejewled (before it was called that) via the TI-85 link cable in English class when you had a substitute.

  • Joe

    The real question is why do these calculators still cost upwards of $100? Can’t you buy a $2 smartphone application that does the same thing nowadays?

  • Melanie

    LOL. This is Exhibit A of why it is dangerous for two engineers to get married.
    @Joe- I wonder the same thing…

  • Aliecat

    Imagine my surprise when I learned the HP financial calculators figure out interest payments and amortization schedules…here I thought bankers were still calculating that algebraically like I had to a million years ago.

    Imagine my even bigger surprise when I learned that I could have saved $35 and googled “figure out compounding interest” or “amortization calculator” for my finance class.