Cinco de MELo

This year, instead of Cinco de Mayo, we’re celebrating Cinco de MELo in honor of Mel and her upcoming birth-giving. Some friends of ours made a very pregnant-looking piñata. I think it looks a lot like her.

Pregnant Pinata

Pregnant piñata

I’m told that they were actually going to put a real picture of my wife’s face on the pinata, but then the bashing-with-a-stick part would have been a little bit too real or something.

We let all the kids take a turn swinging at the piñata first, then gave Mel the honor of finishing it off.


Mel is getting ready to swing.

Pinata miss

Piñata Miss

pinata hit

piñata hit

pinata candy grab

pinata candy grab

The piñata was full of candy, but I was secretly hoping it would have a little doll in it, maybe covered in goo so that it would be a realistic birth giving ceremony. Oh well. Also: SMARTIES!

Happy Cinco de MELo!!!

So what did you do for Cinco de Mayo?

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