34 thoughts on “Claire Alice”

  1. Ahhh! Love the name and can’t wait to hear how you fall head over heels for her (which is a given, seeing how delightful she is).

  2. Yay!!! Tess, Jason and I are so excited for you!!! We are going to have to plan a trip. What is midway between SLC and MLPS? Can’t wait to see scads and scads of pictures. PLEASE spam the internet with your adorable pictures! And know that you guys probably have to sign something so they will keep and let you take home that placenta. Your time is ticking 😀

  3. OH MY GOSH!!!!! How exciting!!!!! Congratulations you guys! I hope everything went well and that everyone is doing well!!!

  4. woah! I was not ready for her to come early:) Yea! Congrats! I’m sad I won’t be able to come visit you guys in the hospital with my show going on this weekend. I can’t wait to see her in person. I want to bring you guys dinner some night this week if you don’t have family in town. Otherwise, we will have to bring it over after we get back from our road trip in June. I love her name too!

  5. Oh look at the beautiful chub on those cheeks. She’s adorable. Congratulations. (Melanie looks stunning too.)

  6. I love, love the name! I was just thinking yesterday what a beautiful name Claire is (my mom’s middle name). Congratulations, I hope that baby & mom are healthy and well. Tell Melanie good job & hope to meet Claire someday soon!

  7. P.S. I forgot to mention that it’s a shame she couldn’t wait one more day, then we would have shared birthdays. Oh well, one more May baby in the world is a fantastic addition.

  8. So sweet! Newborn cuddles are one of the best things in the world. Also sleep, but I’m guessing cuddles will be more plentiful for a while 🙂 Congratulations!

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