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Huzzah! New question in the inbox. This one comes from my friend Jimmy:

I recently learned that a person can install a synthetic lawn in place of real grass in a yard, similar to what many sports stadiums use. Have you heard of this?  Would you ever consider it?  Why or why not?

I feel like I’m sort of aware that people do this, although I don’t think I’ve ever seen it in person. Or maybe i have but didn’t notice because it looked exactly like real grass! #industryadvertisingWIN

I kind of get it, though. Some people totally HATE generic Kentucky Bluegrass for environmental reasons (it sucks up too much water or something…), which makes sense in climates where water is scarce, but I’m entirely indifferent here in MN where relatively few people ever water their lawns anyway.

Or some people just don’t want to mow. I get that, too.

And I get that even if you don’t want real grass, you still want someplace to chillax or play badminton in a way that natural prairie grasses or something just aren’t going to cut it.

I wouldn’t ever consider it, though, because I would feel like a total tool.

Here’s what I would consider, though:

astroturf car
Bitchin' Dude!

Or better yet:

astroturf bike
F*@# Yea!

Forget front lawns! I want an astroturf bike!

Any more questions?

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2 thoughts on “Artificial Turf”

  1. I have seen quite a few homes with astroturf lawns instead of real grass in Arizona. Mostly they do it so they don’t have to spend money watering it or time mowing it. Also, it keeps the dust and dirt down if there isn’t any dust or dirt. And, generally, bugs won’t live in it since its not real. But the plastic grass and the black stuff under it gets REALLY hot in the summer and therefore kind of defeats the purpose of having a lawn if you can’t even walk on it.

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