Wood Lake Nature Center in Richfield

Mel and I took advantage of the warm weather to head down to to the Wood Lake Nature Center in Richfield. Here’s a few pics:

It's neat how the wetland is nestled in the middle of the most dense portion of Richfield.
Wood Lake Nature Center wetlands
One of the coolest parts is the boardwalk.
Here's my ugly mug on the boardwalk.

How about you? Did you get a chance to get outside to enjoy the great weather on Saturday?

6 thoughts on “Wood Lake Nature Center in Richfield”

  1. I’ve been wanting to get over there, so thanks for the pics and inspiration! I was at the zoo for most of the day with my kids. It was my first trip back there since I was a pretty little kid. It was just great to be out!

  2. I went there a few times as a girl scout in elementary school. I hear the CC skiing is good there, and they have rentals. Did you see any wildlife? We’re headed to the Falls to walk to the river today. The boys are always too loud for us to see much wildlife.

  3. @Katie – YES! Lots of wildlife. Tons of turtles and birds. Not very many humans.

    @ren – we were in the same place at almost the same time! How about that? While we were there I kept thinking, “Wr3n would totally be into this place.”

  4. I love this place! I haven’t been since we moved back. Maybe I’ll take the kids today…hmmmm, thx! Great photos, btw.

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