Rebuilding Together

I spent most of the day Saturday hanging out in North Minneapolis helping with the Rebuilding Together initiative. My employer organized a group of 20+employees to show up at some peeps house to do some work. I mostly replaced basement windows, since that was something I had some experience with. Other folks replaced the front door, patched some interior walls, and painted. Our biggest job for the day, though, was pouring a concrete slab around the exterior of the house to direct stormwater away from the foundation.

I don’t have much experience pouring concrete myself, but a lot of my coworkers did. I reckon our group of volunteers, comprised primarily of civil engineers and construction techs had just about as much institutional knowledge of concrete as you’d ever find in a group of volunteers. So the job seemed right up our alley.

It rained all day, though. which turned the backyard into a mud pit, and created the worst possible conditions for pouring concrete. But schedules are schedules, and postponing the work for better weather wasn’t our decision to make, so we pushed ahead.

Rebuilding Together 1
Spirits were high.
Rebuilding Together 2
Rebuilding Together 2
Rebuilding Together 3
Don't worry. You're supposed to stand in it like that. Trust me.
Rebuilding Together 4
mud pit

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  1. Reuben, its nice to see people active in North Minneapolis. My friends and I are active in the North MPLS community and love seeing houses being restored and people being served. Way to go!

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