6 comments to TransEuropa

  • Tell the Halls “Hello” for us!

  • I’m a sucker for rail games and literally addicted to the online version of Ticket2Ride.

  • Online version? I didn’t even realize there was an online version!

  • Moe

    Very cool. I’ve been playing Carcassone for a few years, but this looks fun as well. Definitely going to check out Ticket2Ride online as well.

  • @Moe – cool. TransEuropa is like an uber-simplified version of Ticket2Ride. I enjoy Ticket2Ride more, but TransEuropa is great when we’re in the mood for something quick and easy. Games of TransEuropa finish much more quickly, the scoring is much more simple, and anyone can learn how to play in about 2 minutes flat.

  • Hm… We have Ticke to Ride and just got the expansion pack. I don’t know if we have room in our budget to buy an oversimplified version of it, but if someone busts it out at a party, I’ll play!