Quick Graffiti Removal

Powderhorn has it’s share of problems, and graffiti is one of them. I won’t stand for it in my alley, though, so when I see graffiti, I just grab a bucket of paint and get to work.

This appeared on our neighbor’s garage sometime this evening between 6:00 and 9:30 PM:

Graffiti Before

An Opponent Appears!

I won’t have it. By 10:00 PM, I had it looking like this:

Graffiti After

Take THAT graffiti scum!

So I was on it pretty quickly. Quickly enough that the black spray paint was still a little on the wet side while I was rolling white on top of it. It looks like it will need a second coat, which I’ll do tomorrow evening.  With any luck, Mel and I may have been the only people to even see it.

And in case you’re wondering – no, I do not have a problem painting someone else’s garage without their permission – especially rental properties that have already been tagged and re-painted generic white dozens of times before. And even moreso if the property hasn’t been the quickest in removing graffiti on their own in the past.

It did inspire me to design a new graffiti-style logo for ReubensCube.  What do you think?

graffiti ReubensCube

Check out the new ReubensCube logo!

10 comments to Quick Graffiti Removal

  • Now, find an artist and commission him/her to pain a mural.
    Taggers won’t graffiti on art.

  • Nice work! We should head out for a neighborhood tour with my power sprayer sometime this spring or summer.

  • Michonne

    Good for you!! Looks good! I’m the same way regarding the no nonsense approach to graffiti. We have a metal gate that gets tagged often (Easy Off oven cleaner works WONDERS).

  • @mfranti – My wife and I have talked about hiring someone to do a mural on our own garage door. Back in 2006-2008, we were getting tagged a few times each year. Luckily, it’s dropped off since then, and our own property hasn’t been hit in a few years now.

    @Ed – YES!

    @Michonne – great tip!

  • And now I have this mental image of you and Ed dispensing vigilante justice around town, him jogging, you on a bike.

  • @Emily – now the only question remaining is whether I ride the Bullitt Bike to carry the 20 gallons of paint and spray gun, or whether I make Ed carry it all in a giant backpack, ghostbusters style.

  • Thoughtful of you to preserve the graffiti art for posterity by taking a photograph of it before you painted it over.

  • First of all, you’re awesome. Second of all, you’re dedicated. Third of all, you’re crazy. What if those graffiti-ing punks caught you ruining their tagging?

    I second all of the artwork mentions.

  • I actually fantasize about doing this very thing, but it seems like I never see graffiti unless I’m too busy to do anything about it, or without easy, handy access to paint and a brush (never a boy scout, thus never prepared).

    Thank you for doing your vigilante/superhero part for your fellow Powderhornians. Do you affect a gravely growly voice while you do it, ala Christian Bale?

    (enjoying your blog very much, new-found through Poho365)

  • @Sarah – when I discovered that the paint was still wet as I was covering it up.. I did look over my shoulder a little bit, wondering if the culprits were hanging around watching paint dry. But I also think that I could just as easy have called 911 and reported the wet paint.. and the taggers wouldn’t want to be found hanging around in the bushes or anything. I assume they keep moving pretty quickly.

    @davegels – I usually keep a gallon of white next to the garage door waiting for just such an occasion.