Have you Seen Ruben’s Cube?

Huzzah! New question in the inbox! This one comes from Joe, who just started a new project called You’re Welcome. Love, Minnesota. which he has described as:

a group of reasonable and well-bred Minnesotans who are proud of the mark this great state has left on the world. The idea sprung up from a common practice of ours – if in conversation someone mentions something uniquely Minnesotan, you interrupt them with the statement “you’re welcome.”

Check it out, It looks like it will be a fun project.  Here’s his question:

Have you ever seen this movie?
I think we might need to arrange a viewing party…

No, I have not seen that movie, though I am flattered that someone would make a movie about my blog.  I’ll bet it’s great! I’ve googled around a bit, and can’t seem to find any place to watch the movie or even see a trailer.

But OK. If anyone can find a copy of the movie, we’ll have a viewing party.  At my house.  I’ll make the popcorn.

Any more questions?
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