www and Apostrophe Free

Well in case y’all haven’t noticed, there’s been a couple changes around here. Here’s a summary:

No WWW – it’s just http://reubenscube.net. If you put the www in there, no big deal… you’ll still end up at the right place. But just so we’re all clear, there’s no www in any of the post or feed URL’s. For no reason other than it’s unnecessary and I felt like getting rid of it.

Subscribe by Email – if anyone out there wants to receive each new ReubensCube post in their inbox, look for the subscribe by email box in the sidebar. Just put your email address in there, respond to the auto-generated email, and you’ll get each new ReubensCube post delivered directly to your inbox (3-6 posts per week).

No Apostrophe in the Blog Title – and it’s all one word. ReubensCube. Why? Because in a couple instances (like in notification emails to post subscribers) the apostrophe was turned into a jumble of html nonsense, so people were getting emails from something like Reuben&;*&!s Cube. And I couldn’t sleep at night because of it. I’m sure there’s a workaround, but I don’t want to spend the time to figure it out.

I kept having nightmares where I would be sitting at the computer, with a 2-year-old Kung Pao playing on the floor. Then she says something like, “Daddy, come play trucks with me!” And I want to, but I’m so agitated about the apostrophe’s that I turn into Eric Cartman all of a sudden.

And I’m like “NO, BABY! Daddy’s blog is rendering his apostrophes in email notification emails as garbled html!”

And nobody wants that, so we’re just getting rid of the apostrophe, ok?

Plus I kind of have a theme going where I take two words and smash them together into a single word:

  • SingleSpeed (defunct)
  • VeloTraffic
  • ReubensCube

right? Ok. Glad we got that settled.

So, any other features you’d like to see here at ReubensCube?

6 thoughts on “www and Apostrophe Free”

  1. I can’t believe you cut Cartman off!! Just before he got to the really fun part of the clip, too.

    Trust me, you’ll still get plenty pissed off/with at Kung Pao, but you’ll be a master at hiding it. It’s God’s way of ensuring we don’t kill our offspring, he makes us irrationally forgiving of our children.

  2. Glad you clarified about the apostrophe, because I wondered as well… I’m kind of a punctuation/grammar lover, but your reasons are justified.

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