Bullitt Bike Test Ride

Well the number of days remaining until there’s a new addition to our family is quickly dwindling. We haven’t really started getting ready yet, so we decided it was about time we started making some formal arrangements for Kung Pao.  You know, buying necessary supplies and stuff.

Obviously, our first stop was at Calhoun Cycle, where we took the LarryVsHarry Bullitt bike out on a test ride.

Bullitt Bike Reuben
Bullitt Bike Reuben
Bullitt Bike Mel
Bullitt Bike Mel

Honestly, not to get all daddy-blogger on you or anything, but can’t you just imagine a little Kung Pao swaddled into a car carrier and strapped into a custom-built box on the front of the Bullitt?

Yea. I can too.

The bike itself felt really solid. It has higher end components than any bike I’m currently riding, so that’s a plus.  It took a little getting used to the longer wheelbase on this bike.  We almost crashed a few times, but I’m sure you’d get used to it pretty quickly. We tried riding it in a loaded situation (by one of us sitting on the platform while the other was riding), and it still performed pretty well. We’re still going to test ride a bakfiets.nl one of these weekends to see how it handles. Mostly, we’re still just trying to figure out if we can justify the $3k price tag.

[UPDATE: since writing this post, we’ve purchased Joe Box Box Bike. A full review of my experience with this bike is here.]

12 thoughts on “Bullitt Bike Test Ride”

  1. I promise there are going to be many more surprise expenses which will need your attention far more than the world’s ugliest bike. Plus, you’re not going to be doing jack for the first three months except trying to remember what happened.

    Did I mention that bike is ugly?

  2. WANT. Although the Bullitt needs to come in a version that has a shorter cargo box like the Bakfiets.

    Are there other manufacturers out there that make a similar product? I’m going to start shopping soon as well.

  3. I’m not meaning to be a buzz-kill, but it seems pretty impractical.

    You should at least hold off until KP arrives. You will likely be surprised at how little you’ll actually be doing things you like to do for the first few months (not to mention that Mel probably won’t feel like biking for a while… just sayin’). More importantly, though, even if you make it a priority, the kid is going to grow faster than you realize and in no time at all you’ll have a hugely expensive garage-space-taker-upper.

  4. @Jimmy, you’re such a buzzkiller! But it’s not only good for when the kid is a baby! The kid can still ride in it after she grows up. I can cart the girl to her first day of kindergarten on this bike! And to her first day of college!

  5. @Neal – sometimes they come out bigger than you’re expecting! We’re also replacing the 4 cylinder motor in our car with a more powerful V6 just to be on the safe side.

  6. 1: Ignore Bill; he has no taste in bikes – the Bullitts are sooo cool!
    2: Joe, the Bullitt cargo area isn’t really much longer than the short Bakfiets version (and certainly much shorter than the long Bakfiets!); it’s the great design that plays games with your perception! B)
    3: This bike will last as a kiddie carrier for years and years, and give you a whole lot more exercise than any car could as a bonus. Just don’t expect to haul your baby out in a mounted baby seat until he/she is at least 6 months old…

    Reuben, enjoy your fantastic new ride!

  7. That looks pretty awesome! I did know of “bakfiets” but didn’t realize that’s what you meant by a box bike. I think they’re awesome, especially since you can see the kids in front of you. And if you’re carting her off to college in the puppy, it will more than pay for itself 😉 I can’t wait to hear how those maiden voyages go!


  8. The Bullitt is the way to go. I rode the bakfiets and could not stand up and push up a hill. The handlebars are too close in and the bike is pretty heavy.

    If you shop around for used Bakfiets you can find them for a couple of grand. They are always in mint condition, the reason being is that when the kids grow up, the bike is tough to travel with. Not so with the Bullitts.

    What people write about having the kids up front is all true. You get to hear them speak to each other plus if you lay out a comforter along the base of the box, you can just let the kids ride without seat belts. The natural instinct of a kid is to sit and hold on once they feel the bike begin to move. Also, the natural instinct of the parent is to whack the kid on the helmet if they say something mean to their sister. So no more kids falling asleep in the back seat behind the rider.

    More importantly, your perfect kid will not spend years in therapy because some foolish parent put them in a bike trailer and then totally blocked the wind with some bug screen. I don’t have the ratio here but you can go online and see an easy to follow chart that shows your kid’s IQ falling as they bake behind your bike while you enjoy the breeze.

    Give yourself more than just a little while to get used to these long bikes. We rode one non stop for 24 hours and 47 minutes by having riders jump on and off. It was after hours of riding that most riders began to feel comfortable.

    Have fun, congratulations on the new cyclist. (Buy a Bobike bike seat too…super cool. Hurry up too 33# is the limit)

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