Go-Kart Racing

Hey, here’s something y’all might not remember from when you were a kid:

Go-Karts are awesome!

Go Kart Racing 1
I'm too fast for cameras.

Mel and I went out with some friends to ProKart Indoors in Burnsville. It has been years since I’ve driven a go-kart, and I had a blast. The $22 price tag for only 8 minutes of driving strikes me as a little bit steep, but I don’t really have any basis for comparison. PRO TIP: bring your own balaclava to wear underneath your helmet and they’ll drop the price to $20.

Also, by about minute 4, I was starting to get pretty dang good at working the brake and gas pedals to skid around all the corners. Of course, it helps that we were just going around the same corners over and over again. Also, somewhere around lap 17, I though I was gonna end up with a helmet full of the Chipotle veggie bowl I’d eaten about 30 minutes earlier.

Go Kart Racing 2
I just owned.

If I was 14, I’d definitely want to have my birthday party there, assuming all my friends were rich and the $22 entry fee was NBD.

4 thoughts on “Go-Kart Racing”

  1. I live just down the road from this place and have yet to try it out. The price tag doesn’t help but I have a feeling one of these days my kids will pull me over there. I won’t complain.

  2. @Joey – the twins? well, since you gotta be 13 years old to drive, I think you’ve got some time. Of course, by then the price tag will have doubled.

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