Free Bike Rack

Sort of.

More like abandoned. But I’m pretty sure nobody is coming back for it or will miss it if it disappeared. Nobody has parked a bike here in many years.

Abandoned Bike Rack
Abandoned Bike Rack

It is anchored into the ground in concrete, but not very deep, and the ground is very soft.  By doing nothing other than kicking at the ground with my shoe I was able to substantially loosen one end of it. I’m about 85% positive that a couple of ambitious persons with a bottle jack, some shovels, and a correctly sized 2×4 could have this thing out of the ground in about 20 minutes.  The only drawback is that one end is slightly bent.

Someday, I want to have a bike rack at my house.  I think that would be awesome.  I’ve never known anybody with a bike rack at their house before.

Have at it, folks!

4 thoughts on “Free Bike Rack”

  1. Ooh, yeah, I so want to have one anchored in my garage. It turns out your garage isn’t necessarily a safe place for bicycles when you forget to close the door.

  2. Steal it!
    Oh wait…
    Actually, you can probably contact the land owner and offer to take it off their property for free and they’ll let you have it. If it’s on government property, I’m sure there’s channels you can go through to obtain it.

  3. @Katie – eek! Bike gangs congregating at my house!

    @Joe – My dream home has some kind of little shed or shelter specifically for bikes in the backyard. And yea, unfortunately I discovered the same thing about garages a couple years ago… bunch of savages in this town!

    @Anonymous – OOh! or maybe we could hold a community meeting to engage local residents in determining the future of the bike rack! Also, we’d better check with the DNR to see if any permits are necessary since I think there are some wetlands nearby.

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