Huzzah! New question in the mailbag! This question was submitted by Katie, but I can’t be entirely certain which Katie. Here’s the question:

Nothing says Reuben like raspberries? Do you mean the fruit, or the sound you make with your tongue that lets my kids spit all over the place?
Seriously though, what made you choose raspberries?

Great question. First, let me assure you that I have never done anything of the sort to your children. Second, let me take this opportunity to apologize for any misunderstandings about my intentions or meanings regarding the blog tagline. Third, I didn’t choose raspberries. Raspberries chose me.

This should clear up any confusion out there about why Nothing says Reuben like raspberries:

Any more questions?
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11 thoughts on “Raspberries”

  1. Too bad tapioca didn’t choose you. Thats the “best” part of that movie…
    Also when Carol Channing is shot out of the cannon. Also the whole movie.
    Also- John just made me lol.

  2. @John – I had no idea that there was any sort of connection between Carol Channing and the gay community. See what a learning experience this blog is for me???

  3. You may assume that any (intentionally or unintentionally) campy diva has been adopted as icon in the gay community:

    In the intentional category: Carol Channing, Betty Davis, Greta Garbo, Liza Minelli, Bette Midler

    In the unintentional category: Joan Crawford, Barbara Streisand, Diana Ross, Madonna

    Then there are the gay Saints: Judy Garland and (recently ascended) Liz Taylor.

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