Weekend in Chicago

Mel and I decided to take off for Chicago this weekend for no reason other than because we could. We’re starting to get a little bit paranoid that our lives are about to end as soon as Kung Pao shows up, so it felt good to go on a trip before babies take over our lives.

We bought a hotel room through Hotwire, which I’d never heard of before, but apparently all the cool kids are doing it. You get to specify an area of the city that you’d like a hotel in, and it tells you the price. What it doesn’t tell you is which hotel you’ll be staying at. So it’s a little bit of a risk, I guess, because you could end up staying someplace bizarre. But we lucked out and wound up at the Chicago Hilton for less than a third of the usual price. SCORE FOR US! Except that since I’m just a Country Bumpkin, I pretty much have zero appreciation for things rich people like, and I would have been just as happy staying at the Super 8. But whatevs. The place was nice – even if they did stick us in a “parlour room,” which means it didn’t have a bed and so we slept on a pull-out sofa-bed. The view was fantastic, though.

Ok, here’s a bunch of pics I took:

Chicago Hilton
Chicago Hilton
Melanie with Kung Pao
Melanie is demonstrating the "football carry" pregnancy pose.
Chicago Lakeshore Trail
Chicago Lakeshore Trail
Chicago Lakeshore Trail
Chicago Lakeshore Trail
Chicago Navy Pier
Chicago Navy Pier
Chicago Skyline
Chicago Skyline
Chicago Lovers
This is what Chicago looks like.
Leashes Disguised as Backpacks
Leashes Disguised as Backpacks
Chicago L Train
I'll call it the "L" Train if I feel like it.
Chicago El Train
Chicago El Train
Chicago Bridge
Chicago Bridge
Chicago Billy Goat Tavern
Billy Goat Tavern - Not as good as people say it is.
Bean at Night
Bean at Night
Chicago Bean 1
Chicago Bean 2
Melanie doing a Fonzie impersonation at the Bean.
Chicago Bean 4
Who's looking at Whom?
Chicago Street
Here are the backs of some people's heads.

OK, and that’s the end of the virtual tour. I hope you enjoyed it.  We had a great time hanging out in Chicago for the weekend!

How about y’all?  Ever been to Chicago?  What’s your favorite part?

14 thoughts on “Weekend in Chicago”

  1. I used Hotwire once for the hotel the night we got married. I guess that’s a big night to leave up to Hotwire but we had planned on staying in our apartment before flying out the next morning, so anything 4-star was a step up. We got the Marquette.

    Since then, though, I switched to Priceline and have never looked back. We just booked a week in San Diego through Priceline. We’ll be in a $200/night hotel for $75/night. I’ve had 3-star hotels for as little as $40/night and 4-star for as little as $50. Hotwire’s best deal for San Diego was at least $10-15/night more for a 4-star place.

    I’ve been to Chicago and I think Millennium Park was my favorite place. Wrigley Field is pretty awesome too. Definitely a bucket list item that I’m really glad I got to check off.

  2. how fun! i totally dig the pic with the city in the bean – frameable. and the fonzie one.

    you said “babies” in your post, you are only having one right?

    i would drive to chicago for the pizza — at uno’s. DANG that stuff is good.

  3. Oh Yeah- Chicago is awesome.
    We did eat at Uno’s pizza- which violated our usual “we don’t wait to buy food from people” policy, but I’m glad we made an exception this time.

    We also took the Architecture Boat tour on the Chicago River, which came highly recommended to us and I would pass on the recommendation!

    Thanks for the compliments on the baby bump- only 7 more weeks to go!

  4. I love Chicago. I had an old roommate from BYU that lived there that I visited a couple times. My favorite part is shopping downtown (of course) and eating chicago-style hot dogs. They’re so stinkin’ good and I haven’t been able to replicate them at home.

  5. How fun!! I love that picture called “who’s looking at whom”. Really cool! I’m glad you guys are enjoying time together as a couple before the baby comes. But guess what? It will be even more fun when she comes! Haha see ya! 😀

  6. Love chicago, my best frien lives there and it’s about 1.5 hours from my parents so we are there quite a few times a year 🙂 Glad you had a great weekend get-a-way. I also love hotwire – we always use it when we go to a big city. Melanie you’re looking good with your little bump 🙂 Hope to see you guys soon.

  7. the best thing about your new blog – i don’t have to do that stupid word verification that takes me longer than it does to write comments!! AHHH!!!!!

  8. All, thanks for your comments! We had a really great time.

    @Nicole – AAH Hot Dogs! We should have gotten some hot dogs… dangit.

    @Katie – I know, right!!! No More Captchas!

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