Welcome to ReubensCube

Welcome to ReubensCube! I hope you like it here. I’m not very good at the whole color-combinations, graphics, and design stuff, so forgive me if this site looks a little generic, or if the colors clash.

I’m still working on getting this site fully functional, but hopefully it will be mostly behind-the-scenes sort of stuff that you won’t even see.

Here’s a list of things you should know:

  • The RSS feed for this blog is different than the feed for blogger. Click the RSS icon to the right to find the right feed, and don’t forget to put the new feed into your blog readers (or just search for reubenscube.net in google reader and it should find it).
  • One of the big reasons I switched to wordpress was to make commenting easier for you!  Reubenscube.net does not have any captcha’s, and you don’t have to be logged into anything to comment or subscribe to email follow-ups.  You are required to enter a name and email address, but… you know… you can lie about both those things if you want to be anonymous….  Hopefully, your browsers will auto-complete that info for you so that you don’t have to type it each time.
  • While moving all the comments over from blogger, any links back to y’alls websites (or blogger profiles) were lost.  Bill and Conner wrote some scripts for me to insert all that info back into the database.  For the most part, it went swimmingly, but if your name is Sarah or Marla, I couldn’t do it, since there are multiple Sarah’s and Marla’s that comment here.  Sorry.  I can fix it, but that will take a long time and I’ll have to do it manually… so I probably won’t ever get around to it.
  • Don’t forget to update any links you’ve displayed on your blogs!  If you have been kind enough to list SingleSpeed on your sidebar, I’d appreciate it if you would update the link to ReubensCube.

Thanks for Reading!

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