Mel is Number One… or Two

I had hoped that all my old readers from SingleSpeed would follow me over here, but turns out that might take some time…

According to Google Reader:

Number of SingleSpeed subscribers: 131
Number of ReubensCube subscribers: 31

So… yea… I guess I lost some readers when I made the switch.  That’s ok, though, because I know my most loyal followers made the switch.  Now we can get the party started without all those suckas hanging around!

And I checked out a couple of your sidebars, and I want to say THANK YOU for updating your links to my blog so quickly.

Mel was excited when I announced the switch over on SingleSpeed.  She decided she wanted to be the first person to leave a comment here at ReubensCube.  So she grabbed the laptop and quickly left a comment, then posed triumphantly while I captured the moment:

Melanie is #1

We returned to the laptop to celebrate only to discover that Joey had snuck in and left the first comment before we noticed:

Melanie is #2 (frownsmile)

Not that I’m trying to get down on Joey or anything. I’ve never met him, but just from reading his blog I can tell that he is a real class act. And a fast commenter.

Also, now that i’m on WordPress, I’ve gotta figure out how I’m gonna host my photos. Tonight I tried Picasa… and it is being a real pain in the ass, I’ll tell you what… In terms of easy photo hosting external to the blog:

Blogger: 1
Wordpress: 0

But I’m sure all you experienced wordpress users out there will give me some hints on how to make photo hosting easier. Right? Right? RIGHT???

7 comments to Mel is Number One… or Two

  • flickr has always worked well for me. I set the pictures to private so they don’t fill up my photostream. Katie’s had some issues with it, though. You could always just use WordPress’ media library feature (though it’s slightly cumbersome).

  • I’m stealth. And apparently classy. Who knew?

    I’ve always uploaded to Blogger and haven’t uploaded my own photos on the WordPress blog I have. I was researching options at one point though and I think I was leaning towards Flickr because at some point I setup a Flickr account. I don’t post enough photos to care too much but maybe I should. People like to look at pictures, sometimes more than reading. Can we thank George Bush for that?

    Oops, I went political. I’m out…

  • I love how Mel doesn’t even look pregnant in these pictures! Apparently she’s having a ‘stomach only’ pregnancy.

  • People are just lazy. Like me. I updated the feed just now, after being harassed by this post! The others will come around.

    I’m a big fan of Flickr for photos in the blog. It’s easier for me to manipulate the html for posting photos at the size I want, and also the indentation that I want. It doesn’t give me that uploading problems that Blogger gave me (as with Flickr, I just paste the html in the html-editing panel – don’t know how this would work in WordPress). Also, when I switched to Flickr, I’d reached capacity in the free Blogger/Google storage. Flickr has a limit, too, but it was worth it for me to buy a subscription and post unlimited photos, since I also use and share Flickr on its own, not just for blogging purposes.

  • As long as Liz updates her little side bar then I’m able to follow your blog 🙂 So it’s a good thing she’s so quick!

  • @Katie D – Great! As long as I keep my sidebar updated, you’ll always know where to find Liz’s blog!

  • Liz

    I love how Katie uses my blog to get to your blog 🙂 haha!